Even though that our website is dedicated to the one game we have created a collection of most popular multiplayer games which are similar to the 1v1. The collection of the games is growing all the time so we will continue to provide the most addictive and interesting games for you. You can also suggest us adding your favorite game through the comment form below or just contact us by email.

Voxiom.io is another game that combines the best between battle royale games and Minecraft. At the beginning, you'll see that the game has a lot of Minecraft graphics. There are also similar mechanisms like crafting or drawing cubes. You can then create different weapons, with which you are able to better defend yourself from enemies. You can also build small structures and make it an shield. Since this is a game of royale, your aim is to remain alive as long as it is possible. Once all your opponents are dead, you're the winner. Let's get this done!

Crafting : The crafting tool can be utilized to build and improve bricks and guns. Players can create basic objects that they can store in their inventory automatically. The more intricate crafting, such as weapon modifications, require the use of a workbench. Standing next to an open workbench and the store's door, players are able to access the workbench.

Weapons : The weapons are classified into five categories that are common, uncommon Rare, Epic, and legendary. The hue of each weapon reflects the weapon's class. The weapons with higher levels are better at delivering the ability to reload and harm. It also features recoil and accuracy features. It is possible to use the F key or right mouse button could be used to focus down-sight.

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