Pixel Warfare

Even though that our website is dedicated to the one game we have created a collection of most popular multiplayer games which are similar to the 1v1. The collection of the games is growing all the time so we will continue to provide the most addictive and interesting games for you. You can also suggest us adding your favorite game through the comment form below or just contact us by email.

Pixel Warfare is a free 3D first-person shooter multiplayer game that has graphics that are inspired by Minecraft. It is a an easy and fun gameplay.

Pixel Warfare is back with another fantastic version, with enhanced quality and gameplay featuring more action as well as amazing new weapons. If you loved Pixel Warfare 1, this version is one you'll love too. The game comes with two game modes namely Deathmatch and the team Deathmatch. Make or join a team and wreak havoc on your opponents by using a deadly military arsenal that includes 10 weapon. Have fun with your friends to get a more fun. In the game , you have the option to select between seven maps. Each map is distinctive and enjoyable. Will you beat all your enemies? Be a military champion. Enjoy yourself.

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