Moto X3M

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Moto X3M is a time trial bike racing game with the most difficult obstacles. It has 22 different levels to play through, each of which creates challenges that are new and offer the chance to try out some wild stunts with your bike. Make sure you have a helmet on and rev your engine and race against time to reach the finish line!

As you advance throughout Moto X3M, there's an element of trial and error when you tackle the many obstacles that are presented by each track. But, mistakes can cost you time and impact the score once you've finished the challenge.

Make sure you are fast, but take your time approaching new obstacles with care. Every mistake is costly and reduces the star score given at the end of the stage. It is possible to perform stunts that reduce time from your score. So be sure to include flips over jumps that are big!

There's 22 tracks available in Moto X3M. The tracks begin simple however they soon become many obstacles and traps that can make it difficult to progress. The levels are all extremely replayability, as you'll be rewarded by the amount of duration required to complete the challenge.

The points you earn by finishing Moto X3M could be used to purchase two brand new motorbikes. It's a good reason to replay tracks in order to improve your time and win an exciting new motorbike!

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