Merc Zone

Even though that our website is dedicated to the one game we have created a collection of most popular multiplayer games which are similar to the 1v1. The collection of the games is growing all the time so we will continue to provide the most addictive and interesting games for you. You can also suggest us adding your favorite game through the comment form below or just contact us by email.

Merc Zone is another popular multiplayer game featured at our website which you can play for free. There is no need to install aditional software for this game, you can playing it straight through your browser. You even don't need to create an account to join the server - you just type your name and hit the Play button to enter the warfare. In fact, Merc Zone is one of the best shooting games today because of the awesome graphics and pretty nice gameplay. Just like any other multiplayer shooting games, here you can enjoy the FFA,Deathmatch and Teams mode. The weapons which are available in this game differ from each other by their power. All together, there are five different weapons classes in the game which you can change every time you die. Those weapons have different shooting power - some of them are stronger in long-range battles while others are useful for close attacks. The maps of the game also differ from each other and that's make the game awesome. What's more interesting, there are no bot players in this game and this means that you are always playing against real people. You can create your own team or invite your friends to join the patry to have fun together.

The actions of your character is controlled through the keys below.
[W][A][S][D] to move
[E]/[mouse scroll] to switch weapons
[Space] to jump
[F] to interact
[R] to reload
[G] to throw grenades
[C]/[Shift] to crouch
[Left mouse button] to shoot
[Right mouse button] or [X] to aim

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