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Even though that our website is dedicated to the one game we have created a collection of most popular multiplayer games which are similar to the 1v1. The collection of the games is growing all the time so we will continue to provide the most addictive and interesting games for you. You can also suggest us adding your favorite game through the comment form below or just contact us by email.

When you start playing Krunker io you realize that you are playing a special game, not like any other game on the market today because of the variety of options and a lot of game modes which can suit any gaming taste. In fact, Krunker today is the biggest multiplayer shooting game with more than 22 000 000 registered users. Those numbers are incredible - there is no other game which have so many users today and I know why this game is so popular - the main reason is the constant upgrades, fixing bugs and creating new maps and skins. For those who have never played before the game I would like to watch the video guides and strategies to get familiar with basic rules of the game.

Despite the fact that the game has minecraft-styled graphics, it is very popular all around the world in the category of shooting games. The rules of the game are pretty simple - you kill or you will be killed. The variety of game modes is really huge - in addition to the original Deathmatch and Steal Flag, there are some new modes, including Infect Zombies, Last Man Standing and others. The game modes are also being changed all the time - new modes are added while the old ones are removed from the game. Another thing that I love about this game is a variaty of skins for character as wel as weapons. Everytime you play the game you get some KR points which can be used to unlock new skins. The skins are used in the game and are visible for everyone making your character look unique. There are some common skins as well as rare skins which can be traded through the special in-game marketplace. Enjoy the game with us and don't forget to share your thoughts about is.

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