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1v1 LoL : A Shooter Or Platform Building Simulator?

1v1 LoL

1v1 LoL is pretty popular multiplayer game which brings a lot of awesome features,different game modes and addictive gameplay. Despite the fact that the game was created 3 years ago, in 2019, it is still very popular and available for free on all devices, including Apple and Android devices as well as browser on your PC. The main success of the game is connected to the legendary Fortnite game because of the platform building opportunity in addition to the shooting and battle scenes. Today, adding the option of building while shooting enemies is pretty common thing as many modern games use it and users love it. By the time when this game was published the option of building platforms was only available in video games like minecraft and that's why this game became so popular.Even though that people who have no experience of building platforms can find it a difficult task, it is pretty simple and addictive pastime. So when someone asks me about the 1v1 LoL game, I always say that this is a shooting game with option to build. You have the option to build or not to build anything - the main mission of the game is still the same : kill all enemies.

The main factor of such popularity of this game is the awesome graphics and variety of different game modes. The graphics of the game is being constantly upgraded. The number of game modes also expand - in this game you can play the original 1vs1 game and even enjoy 2vs2, 4vs4 and battle royale. The rules for those game modes are different : if you play with a team, your mission is to eliminate all enemy team members to win. If you are playing the battle royale mode, you have to become the last alive player to succeed. Even though that all of those game modes are pretty addictive, I prefer to play 1vs1 mode because when it is too much players in a single match it become a big skirmish. It is up to you how to use your skills of building platforms - you can build some kind of defensive castle and shoot enemies from this safe spot or you can even build a platform heading to the sky to make a deadly strike from there. 1v1 LoL is a free multiplayer game and this means that you play against real players all around the world. There are also a special simulator where you can practice building platforms, it is called Just Build. The graphics and the game controls are the same as they are in the original game.

How To Play 1v1 LoL

1v1 LoL Game

Playing 1v1.LoL is pretty addictive and interesting pastime. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your name and select the game mode you want. As soon as the choices are done, the system will try to connect you to a random player. When the connection is established, the match begins. Your main mission is to kill the enemy but what is more important is to keep yourself safe and alive. The best strategy is to build a simple platform at the beginning to hide there and only then make your attacks. The variety of weapons in this game is not as huge as it is in other shooting games but believe me it is more than enough to have fun. In addition to the shotgun and machine gun you can use a Sniper Rifle or Axe. All weapons have their advantages and disadvantages because some weapons are better at long-range battles while others are good at close fights. You can swap the weapons during the game because here you carry all weapons. The variety of weapons in addition to the building platforms is a nice option to get a lot of people entertained.

Game Controls :

[Z][X][C][V][Y]-switch building platforms
[F][1][2][3][4]-switch weapons
[R]-rotate stair/reload
[G]-make door on platforms
[E]-open doors

Keep in mind that the game is free but if you want to customize your characters you can unlock special items. Enjoy the full version of the game for free at 1v1LoL.CC

Frequently Asked Questions About The Game

Private Rooms To Play With Friends

Even though that the game is available in multiplayer mode where you can play against random players all around the world, there is an option to play only with your friends. You can create your own private rooms in the game. After creation of private room the system will give you unique ID so all you need is to send the ID to your friends so they will join the room and play with you.

Which browser should I choose to play the game without bugs ?

Due to the fact that this browser-based application has rather good graphics not all PCs can run it correctly. The best browser to play the game is Google Chrome because of hardware acceleration option to run it correctly. Also keep in mind that the old PCs with old video adapters can sometimes freeze. Keep in mind that you can also play the game on your smartphones.

Does this allow offer any customizability?

If you are asking about the custom skins for the game, the answer is No. There is no option to change the look of your character but still there are some options to make your gameplay more comfortable : you can change camera tracking sensitivity, set in-game volume and even open the game in fullscreen mode.After the latest huge update the users were allowed to change the basic building controls so they can now set them according to their needs.

Can I win without building platforms ?

Since the main mission of the player is to kill the opponent, you can win without building any platforms but thats a huge advantage that you are going to lose. The platforms can be used in two ways : to build a safe spot for your character or to use them as to attack the enemies. It is up to you how you can make them work for you but believe me that your chances to succeed is much higher when you are using platforms.
Reviews Submitted By Out Users

Review By Arturo Fraley

Even though that the game is pretty cool I would suggest adding new game modes such as zombies mode or something like that. I also suggest to fix the issue with the controller.

Review By Alfred Cleveland

The game sometimes keeps crashing when I play with a controller. I would also suggest some new ways of building platforms and making some limits on placing them in each level.

Review By Norman Bell

The aim assist on controller does not work, please fix it. There is some bug with frames which are dropping sometimes. All in all the game is cool, keep working on making it better.

Review By Denise Williams

I play the game on old hardware and it runs smooth. Even though that I play the game on smartphone everything is pretty easy including building platforms and aiming. Love this game very much and always play it in private room with friends at school.

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